Putney Student Travel Online Application

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The Putney Student Travel (PST) website allows parents or students to apply to a PST program. The website collects all the necessary information and saves it into a custom database. I also built a back-end system that PST employees use to move each application through the approval process. The system is very complex and offers everything from program/trip management to Quick Books integration. After an application is approved, the applicants are required to fill out a few more forms. The applicants can then log back into the online application website where they can download, print, and submit forms online. In 2012, the system was updated to provide PDF invoices with the ability to pay the full balance online.

National Geographic Student Expeditions Online Application

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The National Geographic Student Expeditions online application website allows parents or students to apply to for an expedition. It looks very similar to the Putney Student Travel site because they both feed into the same back-end system, which is managed by PST. For more info, see the details for Putney Student Travel.

Great Auk Wireless

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GAW is a wireless high-speed Internet provider. Due to Vermont's typography and sparse population, there are many people who still rely on dial-up as their source for the Internet. GAW is helping to increase accessibility to high speed Internet to most of the hard to reach places in the state. I created a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) site to collect customer subscriptions and the cooresponding back end system to coordinate service installations. In order to generate service coverage maps, I built a system in which an Android device and wireless router were driven around city streets to scan for wireless signal strengths.

Nationwide Financial

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After I graduated from college in 2001, I went to work for Nationwide Financial as a software developer. I worked on numerous projects including implementing a Single Sign-On (SSO) service, building financial transaction functionality, and completely rebuilding the Sales and Service Center (SSC). I was promoted to Senior Developer in January of 2004. In this role, I was the technical leader for many projects. I helped engineer the presentation, security, and menu-system tiers of Nationwide Financial's enterprise framework. In October of 2004, I was promoted again to Specialist of IT Application Development and was made the senior technical leader of the stability management team. The team was tasked with keeping all seven of Nationwide Financial's web systems running smoothly. I was responsible for the training and performance of the whole team. In October of 2005, I was given the title of Consultant of IT Applications where I performed the role of IT Architect for the SSC. In this position, I collaborated with the other enterprise architects in order to share knowledge, techniques, standards, and best practices.

Miami University

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I earned a Bachelor of Science from Miami University in 2001. I majored in Systems Analysis and Computer Science and minored in Mechanical Engineering.

Photograph by ellievanhoutte